Could I be pregnant? ilovemykids5 5 kids; Oregon 3 posts
Feb 6th

f5f1c369c6207cb5cf3825ec32b5bfaf.jpegHello everyone I had the Adiana done about 9 years ago I never went to get checked if it was actually blocking my tubes! Well my period is like 3 days late my b**bs hurt I have been feeling very sick to my stomach! Sleeping a lot well I thought I would take a pregnancy test there are 2 lines just one is very faint has anyone got pregnant while having the Adiana  procedure done like I said I have not got pregnant in 9 years I just don’t know what to think right now 

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Feb 6th

I don’t see anything. 

ilovemykids5 5 kids; Oregon 3 posts
Feb 6th

The 1st picture has a very faint line you have to really look at it close lol 

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status Feb 6th

It's negative