13 days until due date Britny 4 kids; 1 angel baby; ,, ,, United States 20844 posts
Feb 5th

And I have no idea how labor feels starting on its own. All 3 of mine were late inductions.  My appointment is Friday and since I'll be around 39 weeks I know he'll offer to do the membrane sweep. It didnt work last pregnancy and we tried twice lol. I also know he'll check me. I'm hoping to have dilated. With my first I was literally 0 everything when induction started with my second I was 4 cm and like 60 something effaced and with my 3rd I was 0 both things lol. Or like a fingertip.

I can't believe my due date is in 13 days 

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Feb 5th

Trust me, you’ll know. I always get nervous thinking that I won’t know but it’s always very obvious when it finally happens. 

SomeMommy Due June 18; 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Chicago, IL, United States 73703 posts
Feb 5th

I have zero clue myself. I hope it happens soon for you 2 cause I need to see baby faces <33