Cytotec fail? B. R. E 3 kids; 4 angel babies; Far Far Away, Co, United States 1753 posts
Jan 19th '19

I REFUSE to ever have another D&C, my first loss my dr inserted the cytotec vaginally, this time and the last he gave it to me orally, last time my baby got stuck in my cervix so I ended up in the ER because I was bleeding out, they helped me by pulling out my baby and than giving me multiple shots to close my cervix!

This time baby is much smaller (only grew 6 weeks) so I thought it’d work the first time and here I am again cramping and NO BLEEDING!

Has anyone else ever had this issue? I’m so done with these losses I hate my stupid body for not doing it’s job! Over it all! I just wanted to get it all done before Tuesday so I wouldn’t have it going on at work!

Do you think it’s something worth calling the on call Dr? I know the ER won’t do anything, I’m just so desperate to get everything out of my and start my healing process ...... I don’t want another baby Very Sad I just never in my life want to go through this ever again!