Easy free card maker? Chamorrita momma 2 kids; California 5673 posts
Dec 2nd

So I had made a post on Facebook “family photos = Christmas cards! Message me if you want one”  as in we took family photos and message me like with your address if you want one. Obviously not that straight forward and clear. My uncle sends me a family pic of his with my aunt and cousin. The heartbreaker, my aunt passed away this year. My heart ached! So I was just like you know what I’ll just make him one. It’s coming out to be harder than I thought.   

Any suggestions on where or or how I can make a nice one? I tried to do a free trial of photoshop. My computer must suck because it turned out slower than ever. I tried that adobe spark thing. Was not coming out how I thought it would go. So now I just don’t know what to do. I wouldn’t mind paying on Etsy, but I’m scared I’ll purchase it and he’ll ask me to change something and I won’t be able to to. Or he’ll take too long to see it to approve.