She is Here! ♥Jessie♥ 5 kids; 2 angel babies; Idaho 14756 posts
Oct 30th

Little Miss Juniper Belle arrived Sunday, October 28th at 10:13 pm. She was 8 lbs 1 oz and 20.5 inches long. We are just absolutely in love with her. The craziest thing is that for days we had been asking my youngest if the baby was going to come and he kept going "No." Then that night at about 5:50 pm we once again asked the question. He runs up to my belly button, taps it a few times and goes "beep boop beep. Yes." An hour later I was in labor and 3.5 hours later I was holding little miss! We find it pretty amazing that our 2 year old just knew.


Jenn+5 ❤️ TTC since May 2017; 5 kids; 2 angel babies; Town you've never heard of, OH, United States 13409 posts
Oct 30th

Oh Jessie!! She’s absolutely beautiful!! Congratulations!! Your little guy knew for sure! How amazing is it that kids just know! 

SomeMommy Due June 18; 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Chicago, IL, United States 73630 posts
Oct 30th

She is just perfect <3 You are glowing and look so happy. I'm so glad she's finally here and came at what seems like a great time! So crazy how he knew she was coming! There's already a tight bond between those 2 Super Happy

Cat.Woman. 2 kids; Gotham City, PA, United States 9779 posts
Oct 30th

She’s just adorable! Congratulations again! 

KD [E+K+O's Mommy] Due December 10 (twins); 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Carrollton, Georgia 2227 posts
Oct 31st

Congrats mama!!!

Austs_Momma Due June 30; 1 child; 1 angel baby; CD, NY, United States 3813 posts
Oct 31st

Congratulations! How are the kids taking to their new baby sister? 

Bunni♥+4 4 kids; 5 angel babies; ., IL, United States 4173 posts
Oct 31st


αͷtͷmnαƪ Hogwarts, .., United Kingdom 77411 posts
Nov 1st

She's a cutie. Congrats.

Drew90 Due December 28; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Hodgdon, ME, United States 7384 posts
Nov 4th

So cute! Congrats Super Happy seeing newborn pics is making me excited to meet my little one! 

Ohana❤ 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Nvr, NL, United States 1897 posts
Nov 5th

She is absolutely perfect!!!! Congrats, mama!