Pre-eclampsia prevented by probiotics? WordsFromMissy TTC since Jul 2018; 2 kids; Missouri 2541 posts
Aug 6th

I got Severe Preeclampsia with my first child that had me on bedrest in the hospital for a month before delivering early. 

I just read that you can take probiotics to help prevent this? As we are trying for our third, it's still something I fear will come back. Does this theory have any merit behind it?

tinana+3 TTC since Mar 2019; 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Orlando, FL, Virgin Islands 47970 posts
Aug 6th

I’ve never heard this and kind of doubt it- however a probiotic is usually a good idea anyway so why not? 

You could ask your OB if baby aspirin might be indicated for you- starting in the first trimester may prevent recurrent pre-e. I would NOT take aspirin during pregnancy without the doctor’s ok though.