We finally have our boy ... very VERY sensitive picture! *** B. R. E 3 kids; 4 angel babies; Far Far Away, Co, United States 1753 posts
May 3rd '18

*** PLEASE do not keep scrolling if you can not look at the picture... I want to share it here since there is NO WHERE else I can share or anyone to share it with ***

After 6 days of torture, 2 failed cytotec attempts, a refused D&C, and almost bleeding to death because he was stuck in the opening of my cervix ... we met our little boy Very Sad

He was the most perfect little person I have ever in my life seen! I wish with all my heart I could have went full term, I don’t know how to deal with this pain!

I have so many questions with no answers and the depression is hitting hard!

*** g*****c photo ***

Daddy got to name his first and only baby boy

meet our little 
Joel Rivera


fluffyruffruff 5 kids; United States 4727 posts
May 3rd '18

My heart is broken for you and your family. I am so sorry, mama. 

NikkiLeAnne 4 kids; Illinois 3589 posts
May 3rd '18

I'm so sorry :( 

The Original Bob 4 kids; 4 angel babies; <3, CA, United States 38477 posts
May 3rd '18

I'm so sorry Very Sad

Cat.Woman. 2 kids; Gotham City, PA, United States 9783 posts
May 3rd '18

I am so sorry.  
I am sitting here crying for you. Very Sad

bia. 4 kids; ., ., Portugal 102656 posts
May 3rd '18

I'm so so so sorry mama! Very Sad

B. R. E 3 kids; 4 angel babies; Far Far Away, Co, United States 1753 posts
May 3rd '18

Thank you so much ladies, definitely the most painful loss ... last time I heard his heartbeat was Friday the 20th on my Doppler, tried Saturday morning and for 8 hours straight I couldn’t find it! I called my dr and they confirmed his heart had stopped!

i don’t know why this keeps happening to me over and over again! I just want to give up with life! I can’t take this depression!

we were 2 days away from our second trimester Very Sad

♥Jessie♥ Due June 14; 5 kids; 2 angel babies; Idaho 14910 posts
May 3rd '18

My heart is breaking for you.

Awkward 5 kids; 2 angel babies; St Cloud, MN, United States 4642 posts
May 3rd '18

Oh, Momma! I'm so sorry. 

SomeMommy 5 kids; 1 angel baby; Chicago, IL, United States 74008 posts
May 3rd '18

I don't even have words. Wish I could hug you mama ❤ he's so beautiful. 

ListerFIEND™ 2 kids; New York 43604 posts
May 4th '18

Thinking of you and your family. 

So sorry for your loss. 

Stay strong. 

Bunni♥+4 4 kids; 5 angel babies; ., IL, United States 4196 posts
May 7th '18

I'm sorry for your loss! I loss 4 in a we know was a girl. My only girl. I know the hurt. Just take it day by day

mommy to josue 1 child; Texas 87 posts
May 7th '18

I'm extremely sorry for your loss. I can't imagine the pain and hurt momma.  Keep being strong and remember you have an angel watching over you ❤

Neqra 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Chicago, Illinois 4 posts
May 8th '18

So sorry for your lost. 

Ovaryacting Due November 30; 2 kids; United States 2151 posts
Aug 11th '18

I am so sorry momma. I haven’t been on here in forever and am just now seeing this. He’s so beautiful.