January 2019 due dates nursemaya mom to 3! Due January 10; TTC since Oct 2017; 3 kids; 7 angel babies; Minnesota 16028 posts
Apr 29th '18

Welcome! For any Jan 2019 due dates.

I found out early  (CD 20) since I ovulate early(CD10).  looking forward to meeting due date buddies

Cat.Woman. 2 kids; Gotham City, PA, United States 9783 posts
Apr 29th '18

January dates already! 

Drew90 Due December 28; 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Hodgdon, ME, United States 7424 posts
Apr 29th '18

Going by ovulation date I'm due January 1st just found out today

αͷtͷmnαƪ Hogwarts, .., United Kingdom 77414 posts
May 1st '18