Who does he look like? Mom or dad? Grayson & Aubri's Momma Due June 27; 2 kids; Wonderland, Ha, United States 735 posts
May 8th '17
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  • Sorry the pics are sideways :/
fluffyruffruff 5 kids; United States 4710 posts
May 8th '17

Moms face shape and eyes, dads ears and mouth... And you and dad both have a similarly shaped nose. Id say a good mix of you both!

lamb_nodules 2 kids; United Kingdom 3728 posts
May 9th '17

More like you, I think. He's very cute. 

NikkiLeAnne 4 kids; Illinois 3587 posts
May 9th '17

Your face shape and eye color, dads eye shape and mouth... He looks like a great mix of both of y'all!