anyone else watch labor and delivery vlogs close To due date Nishaj7191 Due June 30 (boy); 3 kids; United States 95 posts
May 8th '17

This is my 3rd and last baby but towards the end of each of my pregnancies I always watch the labor and delivery vlogs on YouTube . I'm actually anxious for June to get here but also a little sad that this is my last pregnancy. As much as I love babies, I just can't see myself having anymore especially since I had all 3 of mine basically back to back . They're all a year and a few months apart lol (wasn't planned that way but I wouldn't trade my babies for the world) . I'm thinking about doing a vlog as a memory thing :-) 

fluffyruffruff 5 kids; United States 4727 posts
May 8th '17

I always watch them as i near my due date. I dont think id ever make one though.

Bunni♥+4 4 kids; 5 angel babies; ., IL, United States 4196 posts
May 8th '17

I did towards the end of my last pregnancy. My second and third are 3 1/2 years apart, helped put me in the mind set for labor since it's been a while.