Moving to another state. <3Borealis<3 1 child; 1 angel baby; United States 244 posts
May 6th '17

We are moving in August she'll be a little over five months old at the time but I'm a little nervous. It's a fifteen hour drive. Has anyone had to do that with an infant before? Any tips or suggestions i know its a couple months away but it feels so close! 

Addi&Aria'smama 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Florissant, Missouri 8261 posts
May 7th '17

Dd was 4 months old when we drove home. It was 15 long hours. Just take it slow. It also took a few nights to get dd comfortable in her new surroundings.

A.V.N. Due September 4; 2 kids; 4190 posts
May 7th '17

I've done a lot of long trips with's not going to be as bad as your probably expecting it to be.  Try to drive during "off" hours if possible like suuupeer early in the morning so that baby is sleeping and you can avoid traffic.  Baby will probably sleep quite a bit!

Thinkaboutit 4 kids; United States 2511 posts
May 7th '17

Just plan to stop and take breaks as needed :)

we are going on a 12hr plane ride in less than two weeks With a 7yr, 4yr, 2yr and 7m old..then have a 3hr drive after we get there (not to mention the 2hr drive to get to the airport for the flight), Not looking forward to it.....