Special needs and Kindergarten user banned
May 6th '17

Special Needs and Kindergarten.... 
I am so not ready....... Super Happy

We have gone through so much in the past 4 years......
Acid Reflex
Failure to Thrive
20+ Ear infections in his life....
resulting in meds no longer working for him
Tubes in his ears

OT for Feeding Therapy due to him not wanting to eat food until 2 years of age.
OT for Sensory and improve motor skills 

Diagnosed with

Delayed Swallow
Speech Sound Disorder
Sensory Processing Disorder
Adjustment Disorder with mixed disturbance and mood conduct. 

I have fought long and hard for help my for my little guy. our recent iep meeting really upset me because they told me he 
was finally approved for special needs prek. This is awesome because i cant handle him getting kicked out of preschool again..... I want his needs to be meet by people who want to help him! However they end the meeting saying when he turns 5 Child Development services will end and he will have to go kindergarten. This frustrates me because its May and he turns 5 in Sept.......i was originally told that he could skip kindergarten this year and stay in special prek since he is in that window of age but now its a no so i have transition him to special prek for only 3 months and then again to kindergarten.

im told Public School will be able to meet his needs more...i wish i really believe this. I grew up in a good school system but recently moved to a town were its on the low rating scale ( Family member is letting us live in one of there houses at no cost besides util.) 
i need some comforting words from Mamas that have gone through this before. What am i looking at here...what should i expect with these huge changes for us? 

Cat.Woman. 2 kids; Gotham City, PA, United States 9783 posts
May 7th '17

Some schools are great with special needs. Some aren't. You'll have a meeting to do his IEP. You'll meet different teachers. The principal might be there. You'll meet the school counselor. 
You have to remember though that you are the best advocate he has. If you don't feel like something is right, or something needs to be changed, don't be afraid to call whoever you need to. Get a tour of the class he will be in. Take him with you. 
You will get more answers at the IEP meeting. Good luck! 

Oh Why Not 2 kids; Hallandale beach, Fl, United States 8672 posts
May 7th '17

My son's in a autism class for pre-k. He has one more year of it then he will go into a autism class for kindy. That's crazy they don't offer that in your school district. Is it possible for him to get an aid or shadow to be in the class with him? But yeah some schools are great for special needs and some aren't. My son's pre-k is in a public elementary school and it's amazing. If your district doesn't offer many services though I would look into private if you can afford it. Where I live they have a scholarship called Mckay where we can choose any private school we want for free. I would check to see if your county or state offers something similar but usually you have to have an autism diagnosis but maybe spd is included in that.