tinana+3 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Orlando, FL, Virgin Islands 48329 posts
May 6th '17

JMO, I wouldn't throw anything for myself unless it was maybe a welcome-baby party after arrival or something.

There's a 7.5 year age difference between my DS2 and our next... We weren't going to do anything unless a welcome-baby party, but I guess my sister is throwing us a shower. 

It's really a matter of preference I suppose.

A.V.N. Due September 4; 2 kids; 4190 posts
May 7th '17

I wouldn't ever assume a gender reveal to be gift-grabbing lol, it's just a fun way to celebrate  a pregnancy and baby.  I'm not really of the idea that that is  ever a tacky thing to do (I guess some people are? They think it's just a way to get gifts?) and neither is anybody in my circle of friends or family so I can't answer from that perspective.  I wouldn't feel funny though and I don't think people will assume that's what you're "up to" so I say plan the party.