Baby items rachelellie Due August 21; United States 297 posts
May 3rd '17

My husbands work is planning a baby shower for our upcoming baby, and I need to give ideas of stuff that would be liked.  We seriously dont really need anything'..even diapers I have already stockpiled and probably have enough for the first year ..our last son was born in August and I am due in August with another boy so the clothes should line up perfectly...I am trying to think of items that may be nice to have, but would love suggestions...I figure even though we wont need any new clothes I won't say no just because this baby still deserves his own special stuff too....any ideas of stuff that could be put on a list?

fluffyruffruff 5 kids; United States 4727 posts
May 3rd '17

Moby wrap
Double stroller
Specific themed decorative items
diaper pail
Those smell good disposable diaper trash bags

MrsKW 3 kids; United States 4579 posts
May 3rd '17

Toys, books, nursing pads, nail clippers(i've broke a few of the baby ones), pacifiers if you plan to use them, wipes, blankets(my kids dont give theirs up so each baby needs new ones) 

DaniellaEllaElla Due August 5 (boy); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Greenville, NC, United States 15131 posts
May 3rd '17

A Boppy

An infant first aid kit/medicinal pack

A baby monitor 

A breast pump/pads/etc, if you plan to breastfeed 

Those cute milestone stickers/props

Teething rings 

Holiday outfits, "My first Thanksgiving/Christmas/etc"

A baby book

rachelellie Due August 21; United States 297 posts
May 3rd '17

Thank you all for the additional ideas :)  I always have such a hard time coming up with stuff, but knew it was out there...