ADHD LonghornBabe 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Fort Worth, Texas 1403 posts
Apr 27th '17

My oldest son (he just turned 7) was diagnosed with severe ADHD based off of a few surveys and a quotient test he took in fall of last year.  We are completely new to this...I have no family history and DH's brother was diagnosed as a child, but never treated.  

His biggest issue is behavior problems, mostly at school and emotional outbursts that are inappropriate in proportion to whatever is happening.  For the most part, he's a really happy/intelligent kid, even though he is very visibly different from his classmates and doesn't really interact with other kids.  We started him on Vyvanse in September and are slowly titrating his dosage up, as he adjusts fairly quickly and then is right back to where he started again, as far as behavior goes.  
I guess I'm just looking for anybody else with experience with this. For now, it is somewhat under control, he's doing better in school and he is happy.  I'm just concerned about what this could mean for him long term.  My heart breaks for him when I see him in social situations, especially, because he doesn't know how to interact with anybody at all.

It has really been a blessing and a curse as far as diagnoses go.  We knew he was different and something was off, and this explains so much of it (he fits the diagnostic criteria SPOT ON, now that we have researched a little).  It just leaves so much uncertainty for his future...

Loca Mamma 4 kids; 4 angel babies; Tucson, AZ, United States 1572 posts
Apr 27th '17

I feel your pain and its definitely an adjustment. Theres a lot you have to do differently. My son is 9 and was diagnosed with ADHD along with other social and emotional behaviors.  It has taken me years to actually get him help,the system isn't really helpful. Finally I got him tested for an IEP. I would suggest to get him help with school,maybe some counseling,if you feel he needs it. My son was also put in social groups to learn how to socialise. Even though he has ADHD hes so smart in Math and very active. I suggest keep him active and just be supportive, also try to look up his condition to help you understand how to deal with things. I have to adjust a lot and my son has behavioral problems too. Best of luck! It'll be ok just get him the help he needs. 

DaniellaEllaElla Due August 5 (boy); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Greenville, NC, United States 15131 posts
Apr 27th '17

Personally, I think I'd seek out occupational therapy and maybe use that in conjunction with a medicine that you don't need to keep upping and upping. The dosage can only go so high, and an occupational therapist would help him to deal with his outbursts in a more appropriate way rather than only relying on medicine. It's a hard situation, for sure. Lots of options and choices to make. 

ListerFIEND™ 2 kids; New York 43604 posts
May 12th '18

Is your son in therapy? 
When my youngest was given the ADD card her doctor said medicine + therapy. 
(I had put her in therapy before we asked about medicine) 

It'll help him a ton!