Eating with utensils marmarissa 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Ottawa, ON, Canada 8256 posts
Apr 26th '17

How old were you kids when they learned to use a fork/spoon somewhat properly?   DD is 19 months and I mean she knows HOW to use them but isn't very good at the whole hand-eye coordination part lol.  

lamb_nodules 2 kids; United Kingdom 3728 posts
Apr 26th '17

DD was pretty young. I'd say she was feeding herself efficiently by 18 months, but was doing it well enough as early as 14 months. DS is experimenting with holding the spoon, but isn't holding it in any productive manner. He's 13 months. He's all about grabbing any ol food and shoving it in, no matter how sticky or messy the food is. I think part of the reason DD was doing it early was because she doesn't like messy eating, never did. 

LittlebuttsMamax3! 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Asheville, North Carolina 17335 posts
Apr 26th '17

DD1 was using a spoon and fork well, before she was 1. She ate her smash cake at her party with a spoon even. Hated her hands dirty

DD2 could use them at a year old but preferred to use her hands mostly. I'd say she was pretty good with them about 18 months old, around there. She's 2 now and still prefers to use her hands though Shy

Sebastian Blake <3 2 kids; United Kingdom 4500 posts
Apr 26th '17

A spoon before one for sure. He could use a fork at about 10/11 months. But he's 2.5 now and still prefers to use his hands for things you'd typically use a fork for,

...B... 5 kids; 3 angel babies; .., .., Christmas Island 1314 posts
Apr 26th '17

My oldest and my youngest could use fork/spoon pretty well around their first birthday. my middle was pretty good with a fork at 18 months, not so much a spoon until closer to 2.