Anyone else have multiple kids 3 and under? Jess1227 3 kids; United States 110 posts
Apr 9th '17

I'm pregnant and by the time this one gets here, I'll have a 3 year old, an almost 2 year old, and a newborn. This is definitely my last baby! Any other mamas with little ones so close in age? I already know I'm going to get judged by family for having my kids so close together. It annoys me bc one, it's literally no ones business how many kids I have and two, I've never asked for a dime from anyone. My husband and I completely have the means to support our kids so I'm not sure why everyone seems to have an opinion about it. How do you guys deal with negative comments when it comes to your pregnancy?

SomeMommy 5 kids; 1 angel baby; Chicago, IL, United States 74008 posts
Apr 9th '17

I had 3 under 3 for a short while then 3 2 and under. It was fun! Crazy and hectic at times but it was more fun than not. Don't let anyone freak you out or upset you...things will be great! Enjoy it too because they grow up sooooo damn fast <3

eta: I had 3 under 2 for a few months. My oldest was just 20 mos. when the twins were born.

.casper. 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Neverland, NJ, Christmas Island 2013 posts
Apr 9th '17

When my youngest was born I had a 3 year old and an 11 month old. At that age, it really wasn't that bad! My 3 year old wanted to help all the time and would mummy the babies and bring me things I needed. The 11 month old was also still a baby, and an extremely chilled out one (luckily!). We had a tough stage for a few months when my youngest started walking. Handling all 3 of them (they all wanted I walk at once) and the pram when we were out was exhausting lol now they're 5, almost 3 and almost 2, and It's starting to get easier again! Well, it must be, because we're trying to add a fourth! Lol

ElleCole+triplets Due June 9 (girl); 5 kids; 3 angel babies; Rio Rancho, NM, United States 33265 posts
Apr 9th '17

I'll have 5 under 6 in a couple months Mid Happy

lamb_nodules 2 kids; United Kingdom 3728 posts
Apr 9th '17

I don't, but I wouldn't care. Judgmental people are always gonna find something to b***h about. Who cares. 

Kansas Bonanno Due November 15; 3 kids; 1 angel baby; North Carolina 2578 posts
Apr 9th '17

I have a 5 year old, 3 year old, 18 month old and one due in Nov. While we wern't planning this last one ( because of everything that happened with the accident and the fact that i still can hardly walk or lift anything ) People are aholes. I tell them i ask them to pay for my kids so get over it. 

Drew90 Due December 28; 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Hodgdon, ME, United States 7424 posts
Apr 9th '17

I have some family members that have opinions about my two kids being close together.  They know we are trying for number 3 soon  and our kids are currently 2 and 1,  and they're making little comments about it trying to get us to wait longer.  I don't get it.WeWe're financially stable and helping both our parents pay for stuff right now...  It's our choice .  A

ILS♡ERS♡ZDS♡ 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Small town, PA, United States 2422 posts
Apr 9th '17

I did for 6 days. My baby was born Marcg 23rd, my son turned 4 March 29th and my daughter turned 2 yesterday.

♥Jessie♥ Due June 14; 5 kids; 2 angel babies; Idaho 14910 posts
Apr 9th '17

YEP! I have a 3 year old, a 2 year old and a 6 month old.

ETA: I have only ever got one negative comment and it was weird so I laughed. Like I genuinely found it funny.

I am very vocal about wanting a large family so anyone close to me knows and only one stranger has ever commented negatively. But I also live in an area where people seem to have 3+ kids.

Thinkaboutit 4 kids; United States 2511 posts
Apr 9th '17

I had 4 kids 6 and under.....mostly people are amazed by me, lol. It is hard....I never never get a break, but it won't last forever, this stage. 

MrsKW 3 kids; United States 4579 posts
Apr 9th '17

I have 3 under 3. DD is 33 months, DS1 is 20months and DS2 is 5 weeks old. I have never had anyone say anything judgemental. I do get the "you're a busy mom" comment a lot when i'm shopping with all 3 but no one has ever said it meanly. juggling toddlers and a baby is definitely stressful at times though and you just have to let things go sometimes. Dishes can wait til morning or laundry or the living room floor will be covered in toys and it just doesn't get picked up. It's all good though because i love my babys more than anything and making sure they are fed and bathed and loved are most important. In 10 yrs i wont remember the mess but those moments holding my sleeping babies and the sweet things my toddlers were doing