New and not sure where to post this.. Cpnhnzmommy TTC since Mar 2016; 2 kids; United States 3 posts
Mar 1st '17

I'm having a really hard time. I just found out yesterday that my Husband and I are pregnant with our third child. We have two other children who are going to be 6 and 7 this year. I haven't been on birth control for a year now and I thought my husband was on the same page as I was and ok with a third and final child going by the conversations we have had. When i told him I was pregnant I did not get the reaction I expected.

Have Heart 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Western, NY, United States 9013 posts
Mar 1st '17

I'm sorry to hear, momma. I was on birth control when we were gifted DS2, lol. He wasn't by any means thrilled.... but got on board eventually. Seeing the sonos and time helped. It was happening whether or not he liked it, lol.

is he pressuring you to terminate?

MrsKW 3 kids; United States 4579 posts
Mar 1st '17

Give him some time to let it sink in. Maybe once he sees the ultrasound and hears the heart beat he will come around