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Feb 23rd '17


DaniellaEllaElla Due August 5 (boy); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Greenville, NC, United States 15131 posts
Feb 23rd '17

The law is that whomever he Iives with and pays majority of his expenses claims him. Obviously unless another order is in place. 

You CAN give him permission to claim him, but since there's no order in place, you don't have to. 

From my unprofessional understanding. 

Consuela* United States 5029 posts
Feb 23rd '17

Thats what I thought, thanks ladies.

Britny Due August 10 (girl); 4 kids; 2 angel babies; ,, ,, United States 20894 posts
Feb 23rd '17

If he gets there before you definitely report it because by law whoever has the child over 50% of the time is supposed to claim unless there is another order in place