Three year old doesn't want to go #2. A.V.N. Due September 4; 2 kids; 4190 posts
Feb 20th '17

My almost 4 year old has been  having trouble going poop lately.  She's never has any issues before, and has been going on the potty since 2.5 yrs old.  All of a sudden she just doesn't want to go poop.  I don't think she's constipated,  because when she finally does go ( which is still daily or at least  every other day, but I don't think she gets it all out) she doesn't seem to be straining and doesn't say it hurts.  She holds her poop in until she has horrible gas and gets stains on her undies and when I ask her to go to the bathroom she refuses.  She listens pretty well in general so I'm not sure why she's fighting me on this, I'm assuming she is afraid to gofor some reason?  Idk what's going on.  Anyone else here ever go through this with their LO?

♔RaisingTheriots Due December 22 (girl); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Louisiana 1492 posts
Feb 20th '17

This happened to my LO when he was potty training. We had to give him suppository to go bc he was so backed up. Poor thing. We also put Vaseline in that area so it wouldn't hurt so bad. He sometimes holds it in after bad diarrhea episodes. When he finally goes, we give him a treat and that helps him to go again bc he thinks he will get another treat. 
Hope she feel better soon. I had a lot of issues with constipation when I was a kid too. My mom would constantly give me orange juice, and it would help! Idk why! lol

Red~Origami 2 kids; United States 5283 posts
Feb 20th '17

My dd dealt with this for 5 months. She got a ljttle fissure inside after a bad poop and was to aftaid. She held it in until she literally was laying on the floor because standing or sitting up hurt. I put an end to that immediatly when i figured out why she was doing it. 

try tweaking your little ones diet. Up the water. Add more fiber foods. Id also recommend a stool softner like miralax but check with your dr first. I also used the 2 to 4 glycerin suppositories from walgreens. Pedialax. 

once she started feeling comfortable again she stopped holding it in and now shes as regular as she should be. I also gave her lots of cuddles after and told her it be ok. Shes only 2 though.  Hug. I hope your lo feels better

A.V.N. Due September 4; 2 kids; 4190 posts
Feb 21st '17

Thank you ladies! I gave her a big cup of apple juice and a stool to use and she went poop so maybe it WAS constipation.  Poor girl! Hope this little bout ends soon.  Thanks again for the advice.