1 yr olds Nap time? Consuela* United States 5029 posts
Feb 7th '17

What time does your 1 year old go to bed at night? And how long do they sleep?

then what time do they take a nap/for how long?

DS2 turned one last month and he's been all over with naps. He used to be on a tight schedule (on his own)

Now we are struggling.

He goes to sleep around 7:30-8pm and wakes up around 7am. He used to take a nap at around 10am or so and sleep for 60-90minutes. 
The past couple of weeks he's faught me.
He's been yawning and resting his head on me and the couch etc but hes been fighting me and refusing to take a nap! I've even tried rocking him or laying with him. It's almost noon. 

bia. 4 kids; ., ., Portugal 102643 posts
Feb 7th '17

DD3 is 18 months... But, some days she won't even take a nap, ugh! She's such a crab on those days, lol. We all go to bed by 8:30-9pm, wake my older girls up at 7am, DD3 will wake soon after, or she might surprise me and sleep until 8ish, until it's time to take the older kids to school, when she does nap, it's for 2, 2 1/2 hours though.

The Original Bob 4 kids; 4 angel babies; <3, CA, United States 38477 posts
Feb 7th '17

DD3 is 18 months and she goes to her crib at 8pm. she waits for DD2 which she goes to bed about an hour later than DD3, then they play,  jumping up in down in their cribs for about 30 mins-1 hour. They get up anywhere from 8:30am-10am. Depending when they get up is when I put DD3 down for her nap. If it's 8:30 then she goes down around 11-11:30, other than that I usually put her down at 12 and she will sleep anywhere from 2-2:30. Then she takes another nap/quiet time from 5-6pm. Her 2 year old sister is a different story though she hates naps all of a sudden, but needs one otherwise she is an absolute terror. 

...B... 5 kids; 3 angel babies; .., .., Christmas Island 1314 posts
Feb 7th '17

Youngest is 15m, goes to bed around 8, usually wakes up between 7-8. Takes a nap at 11 for 1-2 hours, sometimes she will take a short nap at 4 if she takes a shorter nap at 11. 

marmarissa 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Ottawa, ON, Canada 8256 posts
Feb 7th '17

DD is 16 months and she goes to bed usually no later than 7 pm.  She just recently started waking up at 8 am.   She normally naps from 10:30-12:30 and then is usually up until bed time.   

Dee♡ Due August 22; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; .., IN, United States 6122 posts
Feb 7th '17

My almost 14 m/o goes to bed between 7-8pm and wakes at 8am. He naps around 11:30-12 and usually will sleep 1.5-2 hours.

MommyBearTo4 Fenton, MO, United States 344 posts
Feb 7th '17

I work at a daycare. Our 1 year olds nap from 12-2pm. And they all sleep very good at that time. They fall asleep quick and stay asleep. Some arrive at 6am and the latest arrive around 840am. Their bedtime would be a guess though.