Lint Spider_Monkey 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Pennsylvania 628 posts
Jan 18th '17

My 4 year old daughter's hair collects lint like no other! Just at the tips tho. Everyday when I brush her hair there's like tons of lint in the brush and on the back of her shirt when I'm done brushing, it's ridiculous. Any one else's child's hair get full of lint? How do I prevent this?? I tried getting her a layered hair cut and there was no change

MrsJava<3 5 kids; Couch, PA, United States 1404 posts
Jan 18th '17

Watching because Scarlett gather's lint too. Shes 3 and idk why or how or what to do.

britty06 Due January 15 (boy); TTC since Mar 2016; 3 kids; Somehwere, US, United States 1054 posts
Jan 19th '17

My girls do and it drives me nuts. I have noticed when I use different products in their hair (they're mixed and need something in their hair or it looks like they stuck their finger in a socket) some tend to get more lint in their hair. I have yet to find away to stop it from happening.