Possible Miscarriage? Please help trifecta perfecta 3 kids; Somewhere in the Stix, MA, United States 557 posts
Nov 5th '16

I don't really have anyone to talk to this about so... here it goes...

On Tuesday I was going into get an IUD, I hadn't gotten a period since I gave birth in July and stopped nursing 2 weeks ago. In the past few weeks I gained about 10 lbs and have been exhausted all the time. I figured it was just normal stuff going on in my life that with work and 3 kids I was exhausted. I went in for the IUD and after 45 min of trying she said she wasn't able to get the iud into the opening of my uterus. I was in so much pain, she told me she put something in my cervix to absorb the blood and that it would look like coffee grinds... ok... I had zero bleeding but intense back pain for 3 days until it finally subsided yesterday. Yesterday during the day my stomach was hurting and excuse the TMI but I kept having diarrhea and it was bloody. Last night after work I took a shower and when I was cleaning down there I felt something between my legs. It looked like a little sac, it was about the size of a quarter with, for a lack of a better word, a tail? It was brown and I got so queasy looking at it that I threw it in the toilet and flushed it. I was so freaked out and for the rest of the shower I was trying to process what I had just seen and in hind sight I wished I didn't immediately flush it so I could actually get some answers. Does this sound like it was a gestational sac? I didn't even think I was pregnant but in hindsight I had a few symptoms. I tried talking to SO but he seemed upset at the thought and didn't want to dwell on it saying there was nothing we could do now. I've been very emotional since last night. Does this sound like it was a miscarriage or a result from the failed attempt at the iud?

Team❤Pink 3 kids; 4 angel babies; Maryland 4721 posts
Nov 5th '16

They didn't to a pregnancy test before trying to put the IUD in? If not, if you took a test it would likely still come up positive if you were in fact pregnant. Not sure how long you were if you were but with my early miscarriages I never passed anything that resembled a baby or gest. sac, just a lot of clots and blood. It could have been just a clot since your doctor put something in your cervix to absorb the bleeding she knew you would have because of the failed attempt in placing your bc. 

ElleCole+triplets Due June 9 (girl); 5 kids; 3 angel babies; Rio Rancho, NM, United States 33265 posts
Nov 5th '16

No I doubt it was a pregnancy, honestly she was probably rough trying to get that IUD in and that was probably a nice chunk of your uterine lining coming out 

Double Jeopardy 1 child; 1 angel baby; Seattle, WA, United States 19389 posts
Nov 5th '16

Did she not do a pregnancy test prior? I know when I got my birth control put in, she did one even though I hadn't even had sex. It's pretty standard. And if you did have a miscarriage, you would have to be pretty far along to even pass a visible sac so taking a test now would come up positive. A sac is grey in color as well. Since what you saw was brown, it's likely just a clot.