Paleo Diet??? RaeOfSunshine 2 kids; West Virginia 319 posts
Oct 30th '16

Has anyone tried it and had success?
Any advice would be appreciated! 

My husband and I are both overweight and need a huge change but we've never really tried anything like this before. We're also going to start doing T25. 

Jess081316 3 kids; Spokane Valley, WA, United States 921 posts
Oct 30th '16

I haven't personally tried it but was just talking to my friend the other day about it.  She said the paleo diet did make her lose weight but didn't work in the long run.  And it made her cravings worse. She is currently doing beach body and it's amazing!  

Efflorescence 3 kids; United States 357 posts
Oct 30th '16

I have never tried it but I would personally just suggest eating clean, cut out processed foods, fast food, sodas, etc. Just cook healthy simple food and watch your portion sizes. My go to dinner is just a piece of chicken or fish, some veggies and a little bit of brown rice. Healthy and easy and it tastes good. Good luck! 

A.V.N. Due September 4; 2 kids; 4190 posts
Oct 30th '16

I'm pretty much paleo.  Not by choice but due to dietary restrictions. I actually enjoy it.  The no dairy is tough but worth it in my opinion.  You will never be hungry on this diet though the weight may be a bit slower to come off than with others, but you'll feel good and because it won't leave you feeling deprived, it's a lot easier to keep up with.  Pinterest has a TON of great recipes, pretty much any of your favorite foods you can find a paleo sub for (except pizza or pasta lol, you will have to kiss those goodbye).
My ideal diet for a healthy lifestyle wouldn't be paleo though.  If I didn't have dietary restrictions that prevented me from eating what I wanted, my choice of a healthy cuisine would be sticking to whole Foods,  limiting dairy and sugar, and drinking nothing but tons of water and with a little bit of coffee and an occasional glass of wine 38

Consuela* United States 5029 posts
Oct 31st '16

Yup, did paleo for quite sometime. It was great, felt healthier, didn't have an ounce of fat on me lol 
Once I got through the withdrawal cravings of cutting out soda (my vice!)I didn't even want sugary things anymore and I'm lactose intolerant so cutting out the diary wasn't hard.
My brother has been doing it for a decade because of medical reasons. 

I'm not strictly paleo anymore, I found it hard to do on a strict budget. Which we are now that we have 2 kids and only 1 income (we had 1 kid and 2 incomes before) however my bread, sugar, diary, etc intake is pretty low normally. I don't crave those things so much anymore. I'm a meat and veggies kind of girl anyways.

user banned 1 child; United States 47 posts
Oct 31st '16

I've also heard of the whole 30 diet...I think it's a little more lenient than the paleo diet. Still strict and has good results but it's not like you're only eating chicken and broccoli every day (which is pretty much the paleo diet). I've been around people who have done both.

Mama to a Booger-Eater 4 kids; Middletown, Ohio 9443 posts
Nov 5th '16

I'm not doing paleo, but have adopted a ketogenic lifestyle. In the end, anything you do isn't going to work of you fall back into your old way of eating at the end. I'm a bit over 3 months in and down 51lbs yesterday. Stick to whole  unprocessed foods and it'll fall off! Super Happy