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Oct 12th '16

I had a miscarriage in August, had a d&c at 11 weeks 2 days on 08/23. At follow-up apt doctor gave me the go ahead to start nuvaring once I had negative pregnancy test at home.
So started nuvaring on 09/18 and took it out on 10/9. Should I have started my period by now? I mean its been 3 days since I took it out and before when I had the nuvaring I would ALWAYS start the day after I took it out.
I have had some cramping but no period.

Next question- how many months did you wait before trying again?
This is my second miscarriage and we want to make sure my body is ready.

Had implanon removed 05/02
June started taking a herbal supplement and prenatals to try and get my body back to normal and off of the implanon hormones, no period
06/19- unprotected BD
07/02- positive pregnancy test!
07/12- ultrasound- baby was healthy and exactly on track
08/16- ultrasound- baby had stopped growing at 9 weeks & 1 day
08/23- d&c
09/18- started nuva ring
10/09- removed nuva ring

Tiffanii :) Due April 8; TTC since Nov 2016; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Olympia, Washington 396 posts
Oct 12th '16

Sorry for you loss. i just had a d&c on 10/05 at 14 weeks and my doctor told me i should get my period within the month of my d&c sometimes it can take a little longer. im sure with the nuvaring how long it would take. and i was also told to wait three cycles to start ttc. 

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Oct 14th '16

I miscarried in Feburary, didnt get my period till March and started trying then and now  get pregnant till June. 

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Oct 16th '16

When I had my first miscarriage @ 8 weeks naturally; I didn't get my period for a whole month afterwards. I also, had the Implanon, but was removed in 2012 and still dont feel back to normal. I currently am suffering a loss at 14.6 weeks, it's my second loss within two years but doctor only gave one option to induce me...