When will it pass? KayandJay1028 Due July 30; 3 kids; 1 angel baby; valdosta, GA, United States 1194 posts
Sep 27th '16

I'm going to try and make this short and sweet... not that its sweet at all.
I am/was 5 weeks 5 days due may 25th and Saturday I had some pink bleeding, went to the e.r and they checked my HCG and it was 103, I was told that was low. They also did a pelvic exam and couldn't see anyblood, nothing on ultrasound because it was "to early"
next day, almost 24 hours later, same blood... I wake up Monday morning and went to my drs office they checked HCG and told me they would call me today.. I waited and they finally called. they said my HCG was 35 and to come in Thursday for a recheck.. why? what for? it doesn't go back up.... so why recheck?
I cried, I'm pretty upset and devastated. I know everything happens for a reason but right now I don't understand that reason.
I'm not bleeding, I'm not cramping... when will it happen? when will my body let go of anything in there?
this has got to be the worst feeling and all you mamas that have been through this I am so sorry.

I forgot to add until now, I knew something was wrong when I took test after the light blood and got faint lines when I was getting dark lines.
I took a clear blue and it said 1-2 weeks instead of 3+ like before.. I just knew....

slayeraX7 4 angel babies; nowhere, ca, United States 2510 posts
Sep 27th '16

sorry u r going through this. My last miscarriage was similar to what u r describing as far as the tests starting to regress. I bled for almost 2 weeks. The majority of the contents came out on 4th day. Cycle resumed as normal following month.

marmarissa 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Ottawa, ON, Canada 8256 posts
Sep 27th '16

When I had my last miscarriage,  it wasn't until 9 days after finding out that the baby had no heartbeat that I started the actual miscarrying process.    I'm so sorry for your loss.

bia. 4 kids; ., ., Portugal 102656 posts
Sep 27th '16

I'm so sorry! :( 

Ash.uhhh.leeeee 6 kids; 2 angel babies; Calamazoo, GA, United States 3427 posts
Sep 27th '16

I'm so sorry sweetie Very Sad I've had 2 miscarriages & with my first one I had no idea that my little one had even passed away until my Dr tried to listen for the heartbeat. I went in at 11.5 weeks only to find out that the baby died 3 weeks earlier. The Dr did an ultrasound & told me the gestational sac was the size it should be at 8 weeks of body gave me no indication of miscarriage whatsoever. I had to have a D & C cause my body didn't want to let go of it naturally. Again, I am so sorry! If you need to talk please feel free to PM me!

ILS♡ERS♡ZDS♡ 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Small town, PA, United States 2422 posts
Sep 27th '16

Momma I am so sorry. I miscarriedon't back in February my ba b you quit growing at 6 weeks and I didn't start bleeding till 8 weeks 4 days. Then I didn't pass everything till 9 days after I started bleeding. 

Have Heart 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Western, NY, United States 9013 posts
Sep 27th '16

i opted for a d&c.

Live the life you love Due February 3; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Texas 338 posts
Sep 27th '16

So sorry mama. It took me 3 weeks. I naturally passed everything with no complications. I had had an 8 week appointment with a heartbeat, and at 12 weeks started cramping and bleeding really bad. At the hospital I was told that the heart stopped at 9 weeks. Best wishes

KayandJay1028 Due July 30; 3 kids; 1 angel baby; valdosta, GA, United States 1194 posts
Sep 27th '16

thank you all for the support. I'm hurting so super bad on my lower back and front left side but still no bleeding.
I'm just trying to not cry and the pain is a constant reminder.
I knew you would all understand.