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Sep 26th '16
i have a 4 year old son who is very behind in speech both receptive and expressive he is 4 and his ability is under 2.  He has a autism spectrum diagnois, sensory processing disorder, intellectual disability (he cant understand alot of what people say).  When he was diagnoised the developmental pediatrican said he thought it was just a speech delay and he would outgrow it but it looked like autism spectrum at the time.  The more i know the more i think he was wrong and it really is autism spectrum speech hasnt gotten much better and i think the doctor was suprised the speech has little improvement.

I was curious if this playing behavior was normal.  He dont really line things up but I notice everything has to be stacked up some how they always end up that way no matter what it is.  He dont seem to realize how to really play with toys like what goes with things like school busses, barns, cars etc.  Eeverything will just get all pilled up inside whatever he is playing with and use it.  When he might ever go near another child this odd playing makes other kids mad.    He dont play with others he goes near kids to get the toys he wants because he wont back down and it will look like paralel playing because of this.  He will try to start his weird way of playing and the kids will get mad realizin what he is trying to do dont fit.  Is this normal?  He may do this but he has the weirdest interest and amazing skill at puzzles and patiences to actually do them he will wil take peice by peice and turn them until he finds the match.  He has a hard time learning in school and he cant focus well. But he loves books, having people read to him and puzzles.

Just wanting opinions on this
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Sep 26th '16

Sorry I had no idea they were actually going through didn't mean to post them all!

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Sep 26th '16 is not "normal" for typical children. But, it sounds pretty typical for a child with autism. I'm sorry momma, I can't imagine how hard it is. But, he sounds like a sweet boy :)