Spotting and period after miscarriage at 10 weeks x0lacex Due August 19; Tampa, FL, United States 293 posts
Jul 29th '16

Hey ladies!

I need your help.
So, I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum at 10 weeks. My doctor gave me options on how I wanted to pass the pregnancy - naturally, cytotec or a d&c. I opted for the cytotec because I didn't want to be invasive but I also didn't want to wait weeks until I passed the pregnancy naturally.
The day I took the cytotec, I passed the pregnancy - which was almost a month ago.
My question is - is it normal to still spot on and off?
Also, the day I found out about the blighted ovum, they did bloodwork to get my hcg level which came back at 186,000 which is absolutely crazy. I have had my blood redrawn every 10 days since and was drawn again on Wednesday and my level is about 7,000 give or take.
Is it possible to have a period with hcg still being elevated? 

Thanks! :)