HCG and HPTs....So confused!! Pls help ♥ The Prodigy Due March 3 (boy); 33 kids; Perth, Australia 5621 posts
Jul 20th '16

Hey, wow its been many years since i have been on here but im really trying to see if anyone has been through this or something similar.
I had a miscarriage sunday the 10th july, i would have only been around 4-5weeks, i bled for around 4 days a little heavier than AF not too crampy. On the last day of bleeding i took a hpt to see if it would be negative and it was, i had my bloods done on mon and wed, they were low and by wed it was <4 so not pregnant, now heres the weird / dumb part, i still had half a pack of HPTs so decided to take one on monday and it was a faint, but there positive. Iv tried googling and cant find anything on something like this where someones hcg dropped to <4 after a miscarriage then gone back up enough to show on a test. Im so confused about what could be happening. Could it mean there is still tissue in there? FML so much stress.

*BrittNicole* Due April 11; TTC since Jul 2016; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Ohio 4373 posts
Jul 20th '16

Possible new pregnancy? 

Christine_Elizabeth 5 kids; 1 angel baby; St. Petersburg, FL, United States 7422 posts
Jul 20th '16

Maybe you're pregnant again??

Did you retest?  Was it a First Response?  I had FR pick up a level of 6mIU super faint so it *might* pick up at 4mIU but I'd say that's pretty unlikely.  Do you have a pic of the test?  If that was Monday I would retest and think maybe a new pregnancy.