Hey I am new MBCurrie United States 3 posts
Jun 6th '16

Well I am new around here. Took a HPT a week ago and it was negative only to have a positive one today.  The lines were blurry but there were 2. I am nervous because I am not really ready.  My husband and I were going to wait until next year before we had a baby. But God knows what is best. I am having extreme all day sickness.  The b**bs hurt and are already getting bigger. Not to mention I am tired all the time and cry over everything. My first doctor appointment is in July and for the due date calculator I would be between 3 and 4 weeks. I was told that earlier stronger symptoms can mean twins. Can anyone give me some advice cuz I am a wreck 

~*~Cassi~*~ 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Bar Harbor, ME, United States 1560 posts
Jun 6th '16

The best advice I ever got was that no one is ready for motherhood until it happens. That's why pregnancy is so long so we have time to figure it out. 

MBCurrie United States 3 posts
Jun 6th '16

Thanks. My mom is the one who convinced me to take the test. I'm going to retest next week to be 100 percent sure. I would rather see 2 distinctive lines than 1 blurry and the other bold