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May 27th '16

Hello all!
I am a young woman who is trying to conceive. I am in my 20's and struggling with the stigma young mothers and young aspiring mothers have to deal with, and that's why I'm here; I have virtually no one to speak to about this aside from my husband because most people just laugh at me or tell me I have no idea what I'm in for. But does any parent really have any idea what they're in for? There are so many things that could happen as a parent! Anyway, I am married and we both have full-time jobs. We are also renting half of a house and saving up for a baby + car. So I feel like as far as basic necessities go, we're as ready as we can be until we need diapers/formula/a crib. I am also as emotionally and mentally prepared as I can be to have a baby, I feel. My husband could probably use some professional help, but ahh, I love him anyway. ;)

I am mainly looking for some advice on TTC, as well as advice for resources such as free/discounted diapers, best affordable formulas, what brands of furniture you feel is safest for baby, etc.
Have a nice day <3

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May 27th '16

Welcome to BG. I am also TTC. Super Happy