New here, looking for a DDB! :-) CharmedCash30 United States 4 posts
May 22nd '16

Hey ladies! 
I am new here, I just wanted to reach out & introduce my awesome self & see if I can find any amazing ladies who are due on/or around September 20th?! :-) 
So about me-
I'm 31.
Mom to an awesome'sauce 11yr old boy.
Married to my amazing soulmate/best friend. Been married now for 6yrs, together for 8.
We are officially, & FINALLY Pregnant with our 2nd, one we have/had been trying for, for 6yrs, one we have so desperately wanted & Waited for, with two very sad losses. ;-( (whom we still miss & mourn every day.)
Now here we are, I am 23weeks pregnant with a beautiful, active, baby GIRL & we simply cannot wait to meet her, & see her beautiful face & soul! So long story short... Hi! Ha. I know I am weird & not your ordinary girl, but I figured with this beautiful insane time in ourlives this is the perfect time to reach out to/in our sisterhood & be there for each other! So if anyone is interested in being Due Date Buddies, I am definitely here! :-D 
Nice meeting you all! 

browncrayon07 2 kids; 4 angel babies; Dixon, Il, United States 2329 posts
May 22nd '16

Hi! Welcome to BG. 

tinana+3 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Orlando, FL, Virgin Islands 48316 posts
May 22nd '16

Hi, and welcome!

If you update your profile to show your due date, you can click on it and find others due on the same day!

Or you can check this out, too
Sept 2016 DD Buddies

Vanessakalani United States 5 posts
May 23rd '16

Hello! I'm also new as well and am due October 1st!