Double jointed thumbs Christy Etienne United States 3 posts
May 3rd '16

A little back story on my son.  He was born at 32 weeks and spent a month in the NiCu.  He didnt need oxygen which was a blessing but he just had to learn to feed and grow before he could come home.  He was born at 3 lbs 6 oz and came home at 5 lbs 8 oz.  He has been doing amazing.  He is currently 8 months however due to his adjusted age they really consider him 6 months.  He is just starting to sit up and he rolls both ways.  He is now 20 lbs.  just recently we discovered his thumbs and hands are extremely lose.  He holds onjects
but can bend his thumbs back.  So we said something to the NP when we went in for his visit.  They want to see a geneticist at children's to make sure he has no
problems with his soft tissue.  I was really shocked by this.  He does have a couple hemangioma a but they aren't causing any problems and haven't grown in months.  We have early intervention come and she thinks he's doing amazing.  He does everything like his "due date"  hits all the milestones for his age. If anything we've been told he actually verbally and socially acts like his birthdate not corrected age.  Does anyone else have any issues with double jointed thumbs?  If so what does that entail and mean?  What genetic testing are they referring to?  

mommeof2 2 kids; United States 1664 posts
May 3rd '16

I'm double jointed in my thumbs as well and I was a preemie. I don't know the exact reasoning for it but I've never had any issues because of it.

Christy Etienne United States 3 posts
May 3rd '16

Thank you.  That makes me feel a lot less worried.  I feel like every time they think anything they rush us to children's to have a full work up.  He had a little virus and they cathed him and wanted a spinal tap.  I put my foot down... It ended up passing in 24 hours.  Was just a virus.  Thank you! 

KaidensMummyXo 1 child; United Kingdom 665 posts
May 3rd '16

My thumbs are double jointed I'm double jointed in a lot of places  also I was full term never had any issues with them :)