June Due Date Buddies LittleDalekQueen Due June 8 (girl); United States 5 posts
Mar 15th '16

I'm due June 8th. Any due date twins out there? <3 
My 27 week bump: 9f85c2b54fd8c4767813634217422aeb.jpg
(I am 28 weeks tomorrow!)

Have Heart 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Western, NY, United States 9013 posts
Mar 15th '16


KaidensMummyXo 1 child; United Kingdom 665 posts
Mar 15th '16

I'm 4tg June 28 weeks 3 days x

~ShellyLynn~ Due June 12 (boy); 2 kids; Florida 737 posts
Mar 15th '16

I'm due June 12, stop we are really close together.

Nicoleb91 1 child; United States 19 posts
Mar 17th '16

June 9th

April Blackbear-Hopper United States 1 posts
Mar 19th '16

I am due June 10th but baby Jaxton is coming out June 1st.

addictedtayuu Due June 3 (twins); 1 child; Christchurch, New Zealand 15 posts
Mar 27th '16

3bfed38ddfe003a042a39d12ee679721.jpegI'm due June 3rd with my twins beau and Brylee.

this is my bump up to 29 weeks.