The Chinese Gender Chart... For fun Liz Byrnes Due August 1; TTC since Oct 2014; 2 kids; 4 angel babies; College Station, TX, United States 11 posts
Mar 3rd '16

I've read several different things about it's accuracy/inaccuracy, however one of the sites that I did try it with, was accurate for both the two that I have and was accurate for a few of my friends babies who I knew their birthdays and when their baby came... I'm not due until 8/1 and I know I will go early (both my two were early so I'm just "safely" assuming) I'm just wondering, if you've found out yet, was it right. To be frank the way it calculates is a little weird b/c my 1st I got prego when I was 21 but when I input my birthday it was age 23, I understand it's working off the Chinese calendar which of course is different then ours but I'm just wonder if it was right for you. You know, a little something fun to pass the time. If we decide (this is our 3rd and last and we have 1 of each) to find out it will be in 2 weeks. 

Tσѕнιε 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Derp, WV, United States 10690 posts
Mar 3rd '16

It was right with my first, wrong with my youngest.  

.Bubbles. 3 kids; United States 1718 posts
Mar 3rd '16

It was right for all 3 of mine.

Ladiitt621 1 child; 1 angel baby; The Hamptons, NY, United States 1027 posts
Mar 3rd '16

i did TONS of the gender tests and they were all wrong! lol

Chinese predictor said boy and i have a beautiful baby GIRL. but it was still fun to try them all out. 

shayshy Due July 19 (girl); TTC since Jul 2014; 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Belle Vernon, PA, United States 535 posts
Mar 3rd '16

mine said Boy, Girl, Girl, Boy, Boy, Boy
I had Boy, Boy, Boy, Boy, Girl and Girl lol so 2 out 6 correct.

tedua_anne 3 kids; United States 1035 posts
Mar 3rd '16

It was right with all three of mine that are here now, I don't know if it was right about this baby yet.

~ShellyLynn~ Due June 12 (boy); 2 kids; Florida 737 posts
Mar 3rd '16

It was wrong with both of mine.

A, G, O & L's Mom 4 kids; Michigan 1633 posts
Mar 3rd '16

It was right with all 4 of mine.

Hunters_mommy Due July 19; TTC since Aug 2013; 1 child; 2 angel babies; Glendale, AZ, United States 5838 posts
Mar 3rd '16

It was wrong for my son and right for this baby as far as we know, still waiting for confirmation at my anatomy scan but we had an early gender scan that is saying boy. 

HFlo14 Due July 18 (twins); TTC since Oct 2016; 2 kids; United States 579 posts
Mar 3rd '16

I always wondered this! 38

SpidermansMommy 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Ohio 6866 posts
Mar 3rd '16

It was only right for one of my four.

Ashlee Marie Ellis 2 kids; Ocala, FL, United States 291 posts
Mar 3rd '16

It was right for both of mine. I actually used it to calculate the best time for my husband and I to conceive a boy this time around and we are having a boy :) 

[[Breezy]] Due August 1; 2 kids; Savannah, Georgia 16956 posts
Mar 3rd '16

It was right with my first and with this one was actually the only wives' tale that was true to the actual sex lol. 

Jenn+5 ❤️ TTC since May 2017; 5 kids; 2 angel babies; Town you've never heard of, OH, United States 13470 posts
Mar 3rd '16

Mine was half and half
right for oldest son
wrong for daughter
right for son
wrong for son.

Liz Byrnes Due August 1; TTC since Oct 2014; 2 kids; 4 angel babies; College Station, TX, United States 11 posts
Mar 3rd '16

Thanks everyone, the one I used was
Admittedly I'm hoping that it's wrong for this one, I really want another little boy but it says girl. Again I have one of each so it's not really a big deal either way, happy and healthy are the main concerns of course. I was just wondering b/c my husband sent me a chart and it just had age down the left side and the months across the top. If I just matched conception age with conception month it was wrong, if I matched my age at the time of birth it was wrong, but when I used the website it calculated a different age for myself (and the friends I used as my "samples") all together but was right about the gender. Just thought it was a bit odd. Even odder that there didn't seem to be a pattern in the age difference it gave me between my 1st and 2nd. With my 1st it said my age was 23 (2 years difference) my 2nd it was 3 yrs different, I don't remember exactly for this one. Who knows? It's always fun, and it's fun to see the different results.