assessment tomorrow laura rippingale United Kingdom 5 posts
Jan 4th '16

Hi all my son as been on special needs list for a bit but only just gettin assessed. By community. Pediatric. Tomorrow he has very bad tempers n anxiety. And cant be round crowds n packed places shouted at he strips. Of due anxiety. Anyways my hubby as started having his son round week ends sometimes longer dependin when his mom can be bothered get him bk they fight like anything n his child is a child in need as social service on him due his moms negligence hubby is going full custody and when they fight seem my son is more in trouble in pregnant n stressed havin complications too any one else boy have temper melt downs he wakes so much aswell

mom to 2 beautiful preemi 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Missouri 451 posts
Apr 21st '16

What was your diagnosis? My daughter is the same way and I thought autism but they said she isn't autistic but didn't give me a diagnosis over the phone