35 weeker and destatts during feedings Amclaurin94 United States 3 posts
Nov 25th '15

Hi so a week ago i had an emergency csection due to preeclampsia at 35 weeks. Baby came out small at 4 lbs 15 oz but was otherwise healthy. Breathing, temp, heart, everything was great! Just as we are waiting to be discharged they do the car seat test on him and he starts to desat so they decide to do a 72 hour observation before his next one, then right after they notice him destat during feedings or pacifier and once when i was holding him. Its now been 4 days and he keeps desatting during feeding or pacifier but only the first minute or two when he is really hungry and frantic, it happens usually once a day and im wondering whether he will ever get better. Im feeling hopeless and miserable. Anybody with the same experience? Advice 

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Nov 25th '15

This is common in preemies. It's harder for them to regulate their breathing while eating than it is for a term infant. It will get better. How low are his sats dropping?

Amclaurin94 United States 3 posts
Nov 26th '15

Usually  it drops to about 81 and then we take the bottle out of his mouth and he gets himself back up a couple seconds later