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Sep 2nd '15

I havent posted a thread in awhile but since i posted the stories of my other 3 babies births i wanted to post the 4th baby's birth. So it all started Aug 9th i was at work and i wasnt feeling well, i felt dizzy, lightheadness, weak and shaky. I decided to go to L & D after work to make sure everything was ok since i have a history of HELLP. So i get there they hook me up and monitor me, draw blood ect im 33 weeks 1 day at this point. My blood pressure is high so they give me a prescription for lebetalol and tell me my labs came back good and send me home telling me i cant go back to work until i get a note from my dr saying its ok. So i go home go to sleep and schedule an appt with my drs nurse practioner since he was on vacation. Fast Forward to Aug 13th, i go to my dr appt thinking they are gonna clear me for work, well the NP comes in with my labs from L&D tells me they were not good and i shouldnt have been sent home then she asks me a bunch of questions, consults with another Dr and they decide to send ne back up to L&D to be monitored. So i get to L&D they hook me up i text my SO about whats going on. He meets me there and we just watch tv for a little bit while they are monitoring me and drawing blood, waiting for labs ect. At this point i still havent ate anything and im super starving i ask my nurse if i can eat and she tells me no. So we wait and wait and wait, my BP is a little high but nothing was said about having the baby i was just being monitored my nurse was super nice and really caring. At this point with all the waiting i tell my SO he can go home cause he had some stuff to do. He asks me if im sure and i tell him its ok. Before he leaves he asks the nurse if its ok for him to go home the nurse tells him yes but have your phone by you just in case. So my SO goes home and im just waiting and waiting. They move me to a different room to get more comfortable, my blood pressure is getting higher and higher like 195/120 so they hook me up to some magnesium sulfate (hate that stuuff!) and tell me they are gonna talk with the dr but i might be delivering the baby that same night. Im super worried being only 33 weeks 5 days that shes too tiny and will have to be in the NICU for awhile. They have an ultrasound tech come in she does her measurments and tells me the baby is weighing 4lbs 5 oz. I try calling my SO to come down cause theres a possibility i might be having the baby. Next the anesthsiologist comes in asking me questions about my weight and height and tells me he will see me in a bit. My nurse comes back in i tell her so i guess they decided that im gonna have her and she said it looks like it. The dr that wanted me to go to L&D comes in and tells me im gonna have the baby tonight because my BP is too high and i could have a stroke or the baby could die. I cant get ahold of my SO because my phone is not working, i start panicking and ask the nurse to call him, i keep calling him and finally i get a hold of him he says hes on his way. He gets there and we wait for another hour and a half because the dr had to do another emergency c section before me. The dr comes in and introduces herself her name was dr Ho she was super nice. An hour and a half passes and the anesthesiologist comes back in and asks me if i want general anesthesia or a spinal. I decided to do a spinal since this would be my last baby and my SO was there. They put me in a wheel chair and wheel me to the OR im super nervous. I get to the OR they tell me to lie down on the gurney, they give me a spinal and then we wait for another 15 minutes. I cant feel my legs at all and my SO is trying to talk to me but im too nervous paying attention to the surgical tech counting all the equipment. Its time to get started, the dr comes in says shes ready and starts talking to me she says she is gonna begin and i start freaking out my SO is right beside me telling me its ok and caressing my hand, the dr is telling me i have alot of scar tissue and its taking longer than she thought to get the baby out. Finally after what felt like eternity i hear the baby cry i couldnt fell anything regarding the c section and it scared me because i thought i would. I was so relieved when i heard her cry. They took her over to a table and my SO went over there with her, the dr started sewing me up and i felt a horrible pain in my shoulder later i found out it was reffered pain. Anyways the dr is sewing me up and my SO comes back to comfort me and make sure im ok im so relieved at this point and calm i start wanting to fall asleep but he tells me not to. They show me the baby before they take her to the NICU she was tiny but so beautiful. Born at 10:53pm on Aug 13th She was 4lbs 11oz and 17 1/2 inches long. Shes doing great and due to come home in a couple of days! :D For those of you who were interested or bored enough to read this here are some pics of my little Miliana Anora 
you missed it.

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Sep 2nd '15

Awwww! She's beautiful! I'm glad things turned out OK!

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Sep 2nd '15

What a sweetie!

Glad all is okay.

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Sep 2nd '15

Congrats! She's beautiful glad all is well!

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Sep 2nd '15

Awww she's beautiful congrats!! I know how scary that can be I've had that happen to me too but glad she is doing good and hope you are too!

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Sep 2nd '15

Beautiful baby and you are an intriguing writer. Seriously, I was on the edge of my seat like 'WHAT HAPPENED NEXT"
Also, my fav part "Her name was Dr. Ho. She was nice"

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Sep 2nd '15

Awe congrats

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Sep 2nd '15

Congrats she is cute. Glad everything went well.

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Sep 2nd '15

Congrats! she is adorable!

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Sep 2nd '15

Thanks everyone!

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Sep 2nd '15

Aww, congratulations!! She is beautiful.

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Sep 2nd '15

Awww adorable!!!

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Sep 2nd '15

Congrats! She's absolutely adorable. I'm glad everything turned out okay!

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Oct 12th '15

Didn't get to see the pics, but so happy the baby is okay. Congrats.