Ryker is 10 Weeks! (25 weeker) FWTX 1 child; 10 angel babies; United States 140 posts
Jul 29th '15

My 25 weeker is 10 weeks actual! He had his ostomy removed last Monday, and hasn't had a poo yet just a bunch of toots. He started continuous feeds today of 1ml per hour. He also is finally back on the cpap. He is doing great with his weight, he is 3lbs 9.5oz from 1lb 2oz. He had his Avastin injection and it is working great! He was in stage 3 of ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity) and is in mild stage 2 and by next week they think it should be mostly resolved. His heart echo showed his PDA valve is still slightly open but the pressures in his heart are great. He is able to maintain his temp by himself and has been wearing clothes finally. He can also lift his head and roll over. We did get a big blow today when we were told he will probably still have another 9 weeks in the NICU. He is beyond everything we could have asked for in a baby. He has been such a little fighter. He loves his pacifier and holding mommy's hand.83a3fb024f66c14391358b8b56d52e49.jpg79ee03d3dc26fe9ea2961bb251f3fd36.jpg866f7c36d9641a02964d2b0affd45377.jpgb43e646a4be983f1794d23989c48d2c9.jpg1461780d86ed06b7b64bacfe2f66fad3.jpg

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Jul 29th '15

What a fighter!  Wow!

A girl I worked with had her daughter at 24w. She was 15 oz at birth.  She's 2 now and doing well. Mid Happy

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Jul 29th '15

Quoting mad*hatter:
He is so handsome! I can't imagine how tough it is to have a baby in the nicu, stay strong for that little guy and I hope he gets to go home soon!

Thank you!! And I kinda think that since he is our first and we haven't experienced parenting a term baby it makes it easier because that's all we know. 

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Jul 30th '15

what a lil champ! glad hes growing big & strong.