27 weekers please Jujubeeeeee 3 kids; Fredericktown-Millsboro, Pennsylvania 3559 posts
Jul 27th '15

My son was just born at 27 and 5. Can you all tell me yor experiencees and what to expect? I had a 31 weeker and 34 weeker, but this is so diffrent! Tomorrow i leave him and ... I dont know how i will managae. So far he is on CPAP airflow pressure 4 and he is at 5cc of breastmilk. He is getting a picline today. But other than that..theres been nothing

LovinMyBoys Due March 21; 5 kids; Newton, New Hampshire 1303 posts
Jul 27th '15

My daughter was a 29 weeker she did really well no oxygen breathing on her own but still stayed in the nicu till 39 weeks it was a long hard 10 weeks. Just remember it will not last forever.