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Jul 10th '15

Hi guys. 
My son was born 6.5 weeks early and spent 3 weeks in NICU to learn to feed essentially. He doesn't have many health issues-he had low hemoglobin and high bilirubin but that is resolving. 
He is now almost 9 weeks old (2.5weeks corrected), and basically barely has up time during the day. He sleeps from feed to feed except for the evenings most times. Then he is up maybe 3 hours but looks drowsy after 2 ish. 
During the day he won't sleep in his bassinet and will only stay asleep if someone is holding him or is lying next to him which can be exhausting, but he will sleep in his bassinet at night. Anyway, I was wondering if at this point he should be having more up time, or if it's normal to be sleeping this much considering he is only two weeks old corrected? He used to have some (not a terrible amount) up time during the days but that has stopped.  I want to make sure as well that he doesn't get nights and days mixed, but he sleeps all day! 

Anyway, any help would be great ! 

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Jul 16th '15

Im no expert on preemies but I can share my experience. My daughter was born 6 weeks early. she is now 5 weeks and 5 days old ( 39.5 weeks gestation corrected age.) and she does pretty much the same thing. she usually wants to be wide awake around 2 am. i have been told its because she has her days and nights confused. also you have to look at it like he is a newborn baby. newborns sleep like 18hrs a day or something close to that. Also babies grow the best when they sleep. as long as he does wake up to eat and doesnt act lethargic when he is awake i wouldnt worry too much. When is the last time his bilirubin levels were checked? my daughter also had issues with he bili being high and when it was really up there all she wanted to do was sleep. Im not saying his are high, just curious

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Jul 19th '15


thanks for the reply :). He's still sleeping a lot. He's ten weeks Tmr but 4 weeks corrected. He has various up times in the day but last night through today he's just been sleeping. Barely any uptime.  I'm calling he pediatrician Tmr for his reflux so I might ask her about it. I had to wake him to eat this afternoon. But normally he wakes on his own to eat. 
His bilirubin was high after birth and for a few weeks after , but they are normal now. No jaundice to be seen- I do know that it can make them super sleepy. I wonder if he's going through  a spurt 

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Jul 20th '15

Your welcome. :) I would mention it to his doctor. It is possible he is just going through a growth spurt. Having a baby is scary. Especially a preemie. Im sure everything is okay though