Strange forehead pressure Motherof3boyss Due November 2; Japan 20 posts
Jun 29th '15

I am 25 wks along and I keep getting a pressure by my bladder, I'm carrying very low. When this happens whether it be a contraction or little one pushing into me I get a strange pressure in my forehead and start to get warm, but not over heated. I go in on 7/2 but I'm just wondering could it be blood pressure related.

DannieLove 1 child; United States 172 posts
Jun 30th '15

What position are you in when this happens? It sounds similar to the feeling I got during my last ultrasound and the doctor told me it was due to little man pressing against the veins in my back and decreasing blood flowing back from my lower body. They had me roll onto my side to relieve the pressure and in about ten minutes I felt better.

Motherof3boyss Due November 2; Japan 20 posts
Jun 30th '15

Any position it happens standing sitting laying on either side. That's why I was wondering about blood pressure