36 weeks 4cm 90% effaced Jonesey United States 3 posts
Jun 28th '15

I'm pregnant with my second and here's the low down.  I know labor come when baby is ready but to pass the time I just want some stories of similar situations to mine.  I've had a high risk pregnancy because with my first I had preeclampsia, I was leaking amniotic fluid, I have a preexisting liver condition (autoimmune hepatitis) and I had been dilated and effaced since 32 weeks.  Now with this one I'm dilated to 4cm and 90% effaced, the week before I was 3cm and 80% effaced.  I have been losing my mucous plug over and over now for about 3 weeks and have even had blood (not like a period) two of the times along with the mucous.  Yesterday I saw the show I'm fairly certain and began having mild period cramp like pains accompanied with back pain.  Today I've had very strong Braxton hicks (my belly gets super tight and balls up but it still just feels like cramps) here's my concern- I live 5 hrs from the hospital and my doc has advised me to stay close incase I go into labor so me and my 2 year old daughter have been staying at my in laws who are still 45 minutes from the hospital.  My husband would still have to drive the 5 hrs once I go into labor, but I'm worried because my last labor only lasted 5 hrs, I was actually ready at 4 hrs but I didn't want to have her until my husband arrived.  And since I was induced last time and had the epi how do I know I'm in labor? And please no "trust me you will know" answers.  I have a very high pain tolerance level and I  went in for false labor with my daughter two times 3 days prior to having her and on thE machine that measures the contractions those two false labor contractions were way higher and more painful than actual labor. Thanks mommies!

Kaitlyn Nicole Due August 7 (girl); Alabama 161 posts
Jun 28th '15

It's hard to say with my second child i didn't have contractions or bh didn't lose my plug nothing I went to the dr for a 38 weeks checkup and drs freaked cause I was a 4 sent me straight to hospital I had him two hours later so im suprised they even sent U home. Im 34 weeks my new baby girl is measuring 36 weeks and I'm goin tommrrow to be checked cause I keep havin pains and lost my plug. If u don't think U will just know your in labor then idk how else U would know. Unless your water breaks

Jonesey United States 3 posts
Jun 29th '15

Thanks for your reply!  I'm glad everything was good with your little one.  I have an ultra sound and exam tomorrow. I was measuring 3 weeks behind so they want to make sure baby is still growing and the placenta and cord are still working properly also they want to ma ke sure I'm not leaking amniotic fluid.