July ladies ready? mama4004 2 kids; Minnesota 644 posts
Jun 28th '15

It's coming up! I finally got my nesting energy, so at least I am not laying around all day. My maternity clothes are too tight, my appetite has gone down for some reason. I haven't felt any BH with this pregnancy, which is weird, I had them all the time with my first. Starting tomorrow weekly doctor appointments. How're all doing?

KayMommy10 Due May 7; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Wesley chapel, FL, United States 297 posts
Jun 28th '15

I have had tons of BH since 25 weeks. Getting more intense though. Started feeling little contractions yesterday have had decrease in movement awful pelvic pain. I'm ready to be done also.

i haven't been super hungry either but know I need to force myself but increase in wanting lots of water or ice pops being in Florida. 

Mummy-2-3-Monsters 3 kids; Seven Hills, Australia 15734 posts
Jun 28th '15

Feeling like shit.  Constantly cramping. Nauseous always. Have no appetite. Haven't slept more than 2 hours every night. My hips are going to snap at any given moment. Have had a show. Have been in prodromal labour for a couple weeks now. Timeable contractions and pressure .. but then inconsistent. Lightning crotch with every step. Pressure with every step. Feeling like my waters are going to burst with every step. I have only gained 1kg this entire pregnancy. My maternity clothes are getting very baggy and falling down.. no idea why and it's very annoying.

This pretty much sums up my everyday.

I'm 38w3d today. Have my weekly appointment today. But it'll be the same crock.. test urine. Test weight. Answer how I'm feeling.. and see you next week.

Have no idea how dilated I am .. though I have a feeling I'm maybe 2-3. They don't check you here until you are admitted and in labour. It's a good thing .. but hella frustrating.

3Air Force Brats 3 kids; Portales, NM, United States 1538 posts
Jun 28th '15

I have my last OB apt July 1st. baby will be here July 7th and we are SOOOOOO excited to find out the sex.

I just have insane pressure in my vagina lol.

mama4004 2 kids; Minnesota 644 posts
Jun 28th '15

I haven't been checked for dilation either, and I don't think I will be until I am in labor. I feel that the baby is still moving from transverse to head down position at least twice  a day, so I don't think he is engaged at all. I am sitting on a bouncing ball a lot, trying to get him to move down. Hope that happens soon.

Rose York Due July 8 (girl); 2 angel babies; United States 367 posts
Jun 29th '15

I'm beyond ready. Im not totally miserable though. I just started getting stretch marks and I'm dilated to 3 cm. I get spurts of pressure in my pelvic area but all in all I'm feeling great. Tired alot. I'm over this belly though. Every time I open or close a door, my belly is in the way. Lol

DeeDa's Mummy 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Plymouth, De, United Kingdom 771 posts
Jun 29th '15

I'm soooo ready!! Rather uncomfortable and he's movements hurt so much. Come on the 25th. X