Back pain advice!? Kurestin89 Due October 26; 2 kids; Michigan 559 posts
Jun 27th '15

Went to labor an delivery (er) the doctor said I have a lot of calcium in my urine  actual calcium crystals that I could have kidney stones..  
But these pains are nuts!
i can't get comfortable and it hurts like pressure (Charlie horse) in the base of my back.. Never had kidney stones and it doesn't hurt to pee.. Anyone have/had  this or know a way to relieve this pressure?? 

Mombie+3 3 kids; That place, Pa, United States 3191 posts
Jun 27th '15

Sounds like a kidney stone to me. I currently have one hanging out in my right ureter waiting for surgery in August. My urologist didn't want to do anything until I was at least 5 weeks pp. Luckily I haven't had any major pain in mine since we found it about 4 weeks ago. Heating pads help, laying in the tub works sometimes. I've heard drinking lemonade helps dissolve them but I don't know how true that is. Drink plenty of water though! Did they do an ultrasound on your kidneys or anything? 

Kurestin89 Due October 26; 2 kids; Michigan 559 posts
Jun 28th '15

No they just told me call my doctor Monday and that I have calcium crystals in my urine I've tried heating pads and a hot shower helped but as soon as I take the heat away it makes me want to cry.. They told me stay away from soda coffee and basically all sugars... I've been drinking water like crazy but this pain is getting to where it's causing me to throw up.. One more day!