do women swell more when having boys? FitMami Due November 28; 1 child; Miami, Florida 492 posts
Jun 27th '15

i heard that woman swell at in their face ankles and other places more when they are pregnant with a boy then when they are pregnant with girls, is this true? and if so when did the swelling begin? i had a girl before and my face became swollen only during birth 2 weeks after giving birth the swelling went away. other than that i never experienced swollen ankles or face but now that I'm having a boy i stay on the look out in 18 weeks today


♥Jessie♥ Due June 14; 5 kids; 2 angel babies; Idaho 14910 posts
Jun 27th '15

I didn't.

I swelled the most with my daughter who was born in the hot summer.

=^•^= NO, OD, France 36617 posts
Jun 27th '15

I do. My nose triples in size for some odd reason when carrying boys too. 

......................... Colorado Springs, CO, United States 14632 posts
Jun 27th '15

I never really noticed it, but I did swell a lot more with my son. 

Klaus 2 kids; Mississippi 27174 posts
Jun 27th '15

I got very swollen with my first, and had no swelling with my second. Both were boys. 

user banned 3 kids; Gresham, Oregon 30102 posts
Jun 27th '15

i have 3 boys and i didnt swell till the end haah

user banned 4 kids; 00000, WE, Malta 68658 posts
Jun 27th '15

I've got four boys. I never had any swelling with my first two, only when I was on my feet for several hours with my third, and only when I was traveling several hours (by plane/care) with my fourth. 

user banned 2 kids; miami, FL, United States 1443 posts
Jun 27th '15

How does a baby's genitals affect your swelling? 

Jiggyitup 1 child; United Kingdom 931 posts
Jun 27th '15

Nah. I swelled like hell with my baby and she turned out to be, well, a girl. 
It's all myths.

Phenomemom 2 kids; Portland, Oregon 3061 posts
Jun 27th '15

When I was pregnant with my son I only had one day where my ankles swelled and I think it was just because of the shoes I was wearing and the fact that it was hot.

Belle. 2 kids; Tokyo, Ja, Canada 6999 posts
Jun 27th '15

I didn't swell with either of my boys. My feet got really swollen after I birthed my second though. 

Mommyto1girl&3boys 4 kids; United States 1055 posts
Jun 27th '15

I am pregnant with my second boy and no swelling with either one. I also didn't swell with DD until right before labor.