bilirubin levels user banned
Jun 25th '15

Has anyone dealt with their baby's bilirubin levels fluctuating? DD was released from the hospital on the 14th with levels of 11.5. She had her levels tested on monday and they were 12.5. 

A, E & W's mommy 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Bulgaria 18486 posts
Jun 25th '15

My dd's fluctuated for a long time. I can't remember the exact numbers but she had a low level of jaundice for 2.5 months, the called it breast feeding jaundice and said it wasn't harmful 

Jess&A+A 3 kids; 1 angel baby; kitchener, ON, Canada 21044 posts
Jun 25th '15

A is 2 months and still has a bit of jaundice, we got it checked last week but the pedi wasn't concerned, just told me to keep breastfeeding give her vitamin d and take her outside more. She's finally not as yellow anymore. 

Eta- the more they poop the better as it comes out that way apparently!