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Burying an embryo after miscarriage *~Terra~* 65 kids; Montgomery, Pennsylvania 32918 posts
Jul 9th '08

Ok ladies, a few of us are being called "weird" because we think that another young woman is "weird" for burying her 2 miscarriages that she had in the ground.
I wont give details of her name or anything else like that because we want to keep this fair....
All I can tell you is that she was less than 10 weeks with both of them and they were placed in the ground.

So do you think it's weird to bury an embryo in the ground after a miscarraige that occurs early on during pregnancy?


karla. 1 child; California 971 posts
Jul 9th '08

People grieve differently than others. I definitely wouldn't call it weird..

jenni1128 2 kids; Ohio 662 posts
Jul 9th '08

If it is something that helps the person deal with what has happened then i see no prob with it.

Queen of Mean 50 kids; Costa Rica 10268 posts
Jul 9th '08

If it helps her to get along with life why judge

Lil Momma g/b twins 3 kids; Sparks, Nevada 464 posts
Jul 9th '08

Honestly, No.
If it helps her with healing. By all means she should do what she thinks is best.

Jan~mom of 3 hoping for 4 TTC since Jul 2009; 18 kids; Taylor, Michigan 13259 posts
Jul 9th '08

its not weird, they wanted to burry their child, no matter how far along the baby was growing it was still a baby, they wanted to grieve the way they saw fit

Zigeunerleben 2 kids; Washington 12801 posts
Jul 9th '08

If that is what she wants to do, then I don't think its weird at all. Everyone handles grief differently, and maybe she just needed that kind of closure.

Nut ღ Meg Beverly Hills, CA, United States 40262 posts
Jul 9th '08

Hmm... I've never had a miscarriage

I don't think its wrong or "weird" for someone to bury their baby if they have a misscarraige.. Whatever gives the Mother and/or Father closure that is all that matters. That is just my opinion though.

user banned 2 kids; Saint Catharines, Ontario 151075 posts
Jul 9th '08
Quoting ~Terra~ CowgirlUP:
Seeya. Illinois 33868 posts
Jul 9th '08

It would be weird to me, but wahtever helps her heal then that works for her.

Fatty McRunnerPants 2 kids; 4 angel babies; Clearlake, California 59395 posts
Jul 9th '08

No, I don't think it's weird at all. We have funerals when we lose loved ones and we place them in the ground, it's pretty natural if you ask me. I never did it, but I sometimes really regret not having some sort of "Funeral" or "resting" for my first m/c.

Kate8708 Due July 30; 1 child; Minnesota 4539 posts
Jul 9th '08

I havent miscarried before so I dont know what it is like, I wouldnt say it was weird, but I dont think it is something I would do.

*~Terra~* 65 kids; Montgomery, Pennsylvania 32918 posts
Jul 9th '08

So lets say that you had a m/c at7 weeks and the contents came out in the toilet or in your panties.... you would reach in there and pic up whatever came out and go bury it in your yard????

The Bond Girl's Mommy 3 kids; Berlin, Wisconsin 576 posts
Jul 9th '08

I have a friend that had a miscarraige and the hospital asked her if her and her husband wanted their baby buried with the other little ones that were placed in God's hand to soon. They decided on burying their little one. It gave them closure and a plcae to go and see their angle baby. So, if any woman wants to bury her 10 week embryo I say go for never know what will help you heal.

mom of three kiddos! 3 kids; Texas 5868 posts
Jul 9th '08

Well i have had a m/c and i wouldnt do that i mean really when it happened i was so mad at myself and the world and god at that point i didnt want any reminders. Now i think it would make more sense if it was a m/c that was farther along than i was which was only about 7 weeks or so. I dunno something i wouldnt do but hey to each there own.