Nornal? MamaShu+2.5 Due January 8; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Middle of nowhere, NC, United States 937 posts
Nov 17th '13
Im 34+4 weeks pregnang and my body is doing some funky stuff that I dont recall happening with ds. Yesterday I noticed my appetite was gone, the only thing I managed to eat was a small breakfast and a chicken tender. last night I noticed thia pressure/pain near my butt and some sharp vaginal pains when baby girl moved or I walked/moved. Today my appetite is conpletely gone and I had to force myself to eat supper. Now Ive been spending most of the evening on the toliet with diarrhea and my vagina just aches and I get a horrible pain when having a bowl movement. Baby girls movements have also slowed, not the the point shes not moving at all, but not her normal spazzing times she has. Is this nornal for end of pregnancy or no? I dont remember any of this with my son.

ckmason86 Due February 3 (girl); Cedar Rapids, IA, United States 178 posts
Nov 17th '13

Sounds like the pain is from baby dropping further in birth canal i would just keep an eye on things over the next day or 2. If i had to guess your bodies gearing up to do work.