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Oct 9th '13

My daughters father and I broke up officially almost two months ago. At first I was devastated but then I realized its for the better. Instead of focusing on a relationship I decided I just wanted him to be there for his. We started arguing a lot over my daughter because thier was a drastic decline on what he was providing for her. Now that we didn't live together anymore he was around everyday and he wasn't bringing milk, pampers, wipes . He wasn't spending quality time, I was hurt for her. But then I realized that I had to stand up and pick up his slack. I blocked him from calling or texting me until he steps up and starts doing his job. He knows better because he was doing good as a father before. Now he is running around telling people I blocked him out his daughter life. Everyone keeps telling me it's not right to keep him away but I can't take the arguing and feeling like I'm begging for thing for my child. I could take care of my daughter independently without all the drama. Do you guys think I'm wrong ?